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Benefits of Auctions

Thinking of selling your home?

Sellers have control over the "Marketing Process”

(Showings, Fees, Time Factors, Appraisals, Inspections)

Consider the "Benefits" of Marketing by Auction.

1.) Sellers determine the terms and conditions the "Game Rules" by which Buyers must agree in order to "Bid” for the property.

2.) Buyers pay the majority of the brokerage fee and advertising expenses.

3.) Sellers determine the dates of the sale and the closing.

4.) Showings are limited to one open house before the auction date and one open house the morning of the Auction sale day. This means you won't be running around to clean your home day after day with little to no notice for viewings.

5.) Sellers may choose to offer the property in "As Is" condition, not subject to repairs.

We offer full disclosure, but sell ‘as is.’

6.) Buyers pay Non-Refundable Down Payment Money on Auction Sale Day. Normally $10,000 to $20,000. These funds are not Earnest Money. Big difference!

7.) Auction Sales are not subject to buyers’ ability to obtain financing. Not subject to Appraisals, Inspections or Repairs!

8.) Sellers do not pay buyers’ closing cost!

9.) Time Factors: Once the decision to sell has been made and the property is ready... We can conduct the Live Auction Event within a 30 day period and Close within 45 days or less.

10.) Auction Sales provide an advertising campaign using several news outlets, and Social Media is used to attract buyers whose demographics indicate they are currently looking to purchase a home similar to your property.

11.) Sellers may choose to sell by "Reserve Auction," whereas a minimum price must be obtained.

12.) We believe buyers bidding and competing for the opportunity to purchase a property is the key factor in determining a fair market price.

Our past customers agree that auctions are the best way to sell your home.

See their letters below, or contact us for referral information.

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