TEMPORARILY OFF THE MARKET; +/- 125 AC; Bradley County, TN

Land for Sale: +/- 125 Acres,
offered in Tracts, see below. 
SEE NEW SURVEY PLAT & Price List below
See Videos here: IMG_5328
(On the second one, get past the shoes)
Chatata Valley Road NE, Cleveland, TN
(Address for Tract 5 is 594 Chatata Valley Road, NE)
The majority of the Property has been in crops.
There are a few wooded acres on hills to the east.
Contact Exclusive Agency;
Don Harris Auction Solutions; 
Agent: Ben Carroll @ 423-715-5080
Broker: Don Harris @ 423-310-9788.
Bradley County, TN Tax Map 43; a part of Parcel 11.
The Property may be purchased in tracts

Price List; Tracts

#1. Not For Sale at this time
#2. $19,900 per acre
#3. $17,900 per acre
#4. $17,900 per acre
#5. Sale Pending
#6. $19,900 per acre
#7. $ 19,900 per acre
#8. $18,900 per acre
#9. $18,900 per acre (Pending)
#10. $19,900 per acre
#11.  $19,900 per acre
1.  Deed Restrictions apply.
See Deed Book 1787; Pages 345-350   
      Basically says: 
          NO Mobile Homes
          NO Junk Yards
          NO Poultry Operations
2. Notice: c/o Agency Disclosures; 
     Don Harris Auction Solutions,
     Don Harris, Broker and
     Ben Carroll, Agent
     Represent only the Sellers in this transaction.
3. Notice:
c/o Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems permit.
‘A permit has NOT been issued for this Property.’
Contact Bradley County Health Department; 
Mr Mark Dillard, @ 423-290-7947 or
Jennifer Innes @ 423-634-5719
for all questions and permitting.

56PG+RR Cleveland, TN, USA

Map of property

sales plat


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